One of the top 25 Bed & Breakfasts

Lavik Fjord Hotell has been chosen by TripAdvisor (TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award 2016) as one of the top 25 Bed & Breakfasts in Norway.


Family hotel with a unique view

A small but comfortable hotel which provides a full service year round. Perfect for short and longer stays, parties and meetings.


SognTours: activities for everybody

Discover the beautiful surroundings of the Lavik Fjord Hotell in many ways. Hiking trips, exploring on bike or with car or an exciting boat trip. It is all possible!



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Trijnie and Laurens invite you

Trijnie Cupido and Laurens Brock invite you for a lovely holiday. Together they have been the team behind this uniquely situated hotel since 2004. Together with the staff they will make sure every comfort is provided for and that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. Comfortable rooms, a restaurant with delicious dishes, a large terrace with a view of the Sognefjord and the majestic Norwegian nature surrounding you.

Experience the magnificent Sognefjord.


Active in and around Lavik
Hiking in and around Lavik

There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the area around Lavik, exciting hiking trails for both newbies and experienced hikers. Ask for information at the reception – we are to help!


Situated at the Sognefjord, Lavik Fjord Hotell is an excellent place to go on boat trips and experience the largest fjord in Norway from the water. A roundtrip we regularly recommend is the trip to Vik – a real ‘’fjord experience’’!

Bicycling in Lavik

Lavik Fjord Hotell provides comfortable rental bikes. The cycle routes in the area are perfect for any kind of cycler – whether you are a weathered semi-pro or an enthusiastic newbie.