Sogn Tours is a part of Lavik Fjord Hotell

Sogn Tours is based in Lavik (Norway) and is started by Trijnie Cupido and Laurens Brock in 2016 as part of Lavik Fjord Hotell. Sogn Tours offers you the best way of exploring the Sognefjord.

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We provide bicycles for adults, both touring bikes and sporty bikes: be sure that we have the right bike for you to explore the beautiful Sognefjord area.

Visit the smithy of Kjetil Torvund and experience the art of forging metal the traditional way with red-hot coals, hammer and anvil.

Bicycle rental

A fun and challenging activity we offer at Sogn Tours is to follow a bike route along the Sognefjord and across the mountains here in the spectacular Norwegian countryside. We provide bicycles and can recommend a few bike routes in the area that are a perfect fit for any kind of cyclist – whether you are a weathered semi-pro or an enthusiastic newbie!


On the north side of the Sognefjord, where Lavik is located, there are two different bike routes available, both leading to villages in the surrounding area. Recommended is either the trip to the beautiful harbour village of Leirvik or the trip to Hyllestad, which can be challenging due to the steepness of the road in some places, but which is worth the trouble! In Hyllestad there is also the exciting ‘’Kvernsteinspark’’, a ancient millstone park, where you can enjoy a guided tour, grind your own flour and bake bread over the fire Viking-style.


On the south side of the Sognefjord, easily accessible with a 20-minute ferry ride, we also recommend two bike routes, to the quirky and unique Wildernessmuseum in Masness or to the Ikkjefjord, where there hiking routes available.


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Smithy Kjetil Torvund

Visit the smithy of Kjetil Torvund and experience the art of forging metal the traditional way with red-hot coals, hammer and anvil.


Kjetil will demonstrate and talk about the different forging techniques and how one manipulates the hot metal into tools and decorative items.


Kjetil is a craftsman with extensive experience making tools and the fittings for the restorations of listed heritage buildings. He has worked on numerous traditional stave churches and culturally important buildings throughout Norway, some located in Bergen. He has also worked on the fittings for the restorations of several late 1800’s yachts and sailing vessels.


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Hiking package

Hiking package with 17 well-marked hiking trails. Lavik is a hiker’s heaven with a network of 17 well-marked hiking trails. Enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Sognefjord and the pastoral scenery in Lavikdal. You are completely free to set up your own hiking schedule as it fits you!

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights (longer stays are possible)


Included: Accommodation with full pension (breakfast, packed lunch, 3-course dinner), hiking map and information folder about the Lavik area.


Suggested hiking routes:

Fuglefjellet (534 meters, 6-8 hours, medium difficulty)
Tjønnåsheia (605 meters, 3-4 hours, medium difficulty)
Hellebøstølen/Laviksåta (307 meters/707 meters, 6-8 hours, medium difficulty)
Period: The best period for this package is from May through October. In the winter months it highly depends on the weather circumstances. 


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